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The 82 Series readers are designed to work with applications that have been developed using the RF IDeas software developer kit (SDK). If you are not sure your application will work with the 82 Series Readers please call  630.307.3863 or  email us  You may also check with your software vendor.


Please choose the Reader that fits your needs from the list below. When ordering  the 82 Series readers you will also need to supply us with the software vendor and application. If your software is not supported with the 82 Series reader, please use the pcProx reader.

AIR ID 82 Series Readers
   Type USB
   MIFARE 14443 A* RDR-7582AKU
   FIPS201*** RDR-7P72AKU
   iCLASS (Bldg ID)** RDR-7082AKU

* Reads the cards serial number
** Reads the cards building code and or the facility code
*** Denotes larger housing (See Technical Specs)
Call for PCMCIA or USB stick versions