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Two Factor Authentication Using Employee Credentials


Simple to deploy, administer and use card based authentication adds a dimension of security and convenience. Replace weak user passwords with password & card combination's

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No additional server software needed.  Simply deploy readers and use existing employee credentials as tokens.



Two-factor authentication using password and card strengths security



Use the same employee credential for door or building access as well as computer and network login



We offer solutions for virtually every card and computer environment



Extend the use of existing employee cards; no additional tokens to deploy. Improve security and minimize administrative costs


We offer a complete line of card readers that support virtually every contactless credential in use.


Adding two factor authentication is easy


Attached The Card Reader

Attach the RFIDeas card reader to your computer. Under Windows the operating system will automatically identify the reader and apply the appropriate drives. There is no software to load and the reader is immediately available for use. RFIDeas offers readers that support virtually every 125kHz  and 13.56MHz credentials.


Update user login

Have users update their passwords by creating a new or using their existing password in combination with touching the card to the reader. Touching the reader will augment the password with information stored in the card.


You now have a two factor authentication solution that requires the user to enter their user name and password in combination with presenting their card - it's that easy!    



There are several ways to implement a login solution using existing credentials please feel free to contact us for advice and assistance.

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