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Event Attendance Pro Starter Kit SCR3500 SmartFold Portable USB Smart Card Reader
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Event Attendance Pro Starter Kit SCR3500
Everything you need to track attendees as all your events, seminars or meetings The "SmartFold" SCR3500 mini USB reader is a fully ISO7816 compliant contact smart card reader
TF2000 Event Attendance Pro
List Price:$89.00
Our Price:$79.00
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TF2000 UltraSonic Sensor for Automated Computer Locking Event Attendance Pro

The ComputerProx TF2000 automates the locking of the PC when you step away. The TF2000 uses ultrasound to detect your presence. When you leave the proximity of the PC, the TF2000 automatically locks the system without requiring any effort on your part!
The Better Way To Track Attendance at Events, Seminars or Meetings of any size
SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader Air ID Playback Starter Kit
Our Price:$22.95
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Our Price:$389.00
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SCR331 Air ID Playback Starter Kit
The SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader includes support for multiple interfaces, multiple reader devices and relevant security standards. The SCR331 offers high performance and cost effective solutions. This ready-to-use, AIR ID Starter Kit provides everything needed to use smart cards for user authentication.

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List Price:$400.00
Our Price:$375.00
The 24 x 36" ProxMat pressure sensitive floor mat eliminates unattended and authorized workstations by automatically locking the PC when the user walks away. Position the ProxMat in front of the workstation or kiosk where the user normally stands or sits. The pressure sensitive ProxMat detects the user, when they step off the ProxMat the workstation is secured without the need of any user involvement.