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Event Attendance Pro ioSafe Solo External Hard Drive
Our Price:$149.99
Event Attendance Pro ioSafe Solo
The Better Way To Track Attendance at Events, Seminars or Meetings of any size The rugged desktop ioSafe Solo external hard drive brings disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford.
SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader Air ID Playback Starter Kit
Our Price:$22.95
Our Price:$389.00
SCR331 Air ID Playback Starter Kit
The SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader includes support for multiple interfaces, multiple reader devices and relevant security standards. The SCR331 offers high performance and cost effective solutions. This ready-to-use, AIR ID Starter Kit provides everything needed to use smart cards with existing applications and embedded controllers. The Kit includes an AIR ID Writer, AIR ID Playback Reader, AIR ID Card Manager software and sample cards. The Kit solves computer access control issues by allowing usage of existing back-end server infrastructures and building access investments in contactless smart cards without adding software to the client or server. The costs associated with training, pilot tests, software licenses, upgrades, incompatibilities are negligible since no software is deployed.
SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader Zebra P100i Card Printer
Our Price:$19.95
Our Price:$1,125.00
SCR3310 Zebra P100i
Compact and elegant, the SCR3310 Smart Card Reader offers the best price/performance ratio in the market. Zebra’s single-sided, single-feed P100i printer produces full-color or monochrome cards in moments.

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List Price:$400.00
Our Price:$375.00
The 24 x 36" ProxMat pressure sensitive floor mat eliminates unattended and authorized workstations by automatically locking the PC when the user walks away. Position the ProxMat in front of the workstation or kiosk where the user normally stands or sits. The pressure sensitive ProxMat detects the user, when they step off the ProxMat the workstation is secured without the need of any user involvement.